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Routine pediatric checkups help build a stable foundation for your child’s overall growth and development. At Pediatrics of Long Island in Brentwood and Patchogue, New York, board-certified pediatricians Ramon Ferrand, MD, and Alaaeldin Moawad, MD, provide comprehensive pediatric checkups for children of all ages. To schedule an appointment with an experienced pediatrician, call Pediatrics of Long Island or book a visit online today.

Annual Pediatric Checkup Q&A

What is an annual pediatric checkup?

An annual pediatric checkup evaluates your child’s health and well-being during a time of rapid growth and development. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends regular annual checkups to screen for medical and developmental conditions early on, so your pediatrician can address any concerns quickly and deliver the most effective treatment possible.

What happens during an annual pediatric checkup?

Pediatrics of Long Island recommends bringing your infant in at least six times during their first year of life. Most of these checkups should be spread out at least two to three months apart unless Dr. Ferrand and Dr. Moawad instruct otherwise.

Annual pediatric checkups begin around age 3 and continue each year until your child reaches early adulthood. These visits include:

  • Full physical exam
  • Ear, nose, and throat check
  • Height and weight check
  • Heart, lungs, and abdomen exam
  • Hearing and vision screening
  • Immunizations
  • Reflex test
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Blood work

Pediatrics of Long Island has an in-office medical lab that allows them to perform all necessary blood work and urinalysis from the comfort of their own office, so you never have to race around town to get the tests your child needs.

What are the benefits of an annual pediatric checkup?

An annual pediatric checkup gives your pediatrician the vital information they need to:

  • Promptly identify and treat developmental issues and medical conditions
  • Protect your child against disease through immunization
  • Assess your child’s risk of certain diseases
  • Evaluate your child’s milestones, learning abilities, and social behaviors
  • Deliver continuous medical care
  • Build a healthy doctor-patient relationship

The annual pediatric checkup is also the perfect time for you to ask questions and voice any concerns you have about your child’s growth and development. During these visits, your pediatrician can help you understand what to expect in the coming months and years, and how to prepare for each stage of development. 

As your child ages, their pediatric checkups may change and include a variety of new tests, especially as they reach adolescence and their teenage years.

To set up an annual pediatric checkup with a board-certified pediatrician, call Pediatrics of Long Island or schedule a visit online today.