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Though children grow and develop at their own pace, they’re expected to reach certain milestones at specific ages. At Pediatrics of Long Island, experienced pediatric physicians Ramon Ferrand, MD, and Alaaeldin Moawad, MD, perform a developmental screening at every well-child visit to ensure your child is growing and developing as expected and, if not, make the appropriate referrals. To schedule a well-child visit and developmental screening, contact the office in Brentwood or Patchogue, New York, by phone or online today.

Developmental Screening Q&A

What is developmental screening?

Developmental screening is a tool Dr. Ferrand and Dr. Moawad use to assess your child’s development to make sure they’re reaching expected developmental milestones.

Your child’s developmental milestones include behaviors and physical skills expected to emerge at various ages. Crawling, walking, and talking are examples of developmental milestones.

These developmental milestones are expected to appear during a set range of ages. For example, some children may start walking at 8 months, while others may not start until 18 months. 

The comprehensive developmental screening performed at Pediatrics of Long Island identifies deviations in development so your child can get the intervention they need to help them catch up. 

When is a developmental screening performed?

Dr. Ferrand and Dr. Moawad perform your child’s developmental screening at every well-child visit. The frequency of the well-child visit is based on age, with more frequent visits from birth up through age 3, and then annually thereafter. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a developmental screening during the well-child exam at 9 months and 18 months, as well as 24 and 30 months. 

However, your child may benefit from more frequent developmental screenings if you or your pediatrician has concerns about development or your child has risk factors that may affect normal development, such as premature birth or low birth weight. 

What can I expect during a developmental screening?

The specifics of your child’s developmental screening may depend on your child’s age, developmental history, and medical history. However, during the screening, your pediatrician may have you complete a questionnaire or ask your child specific questions to assess:

  • Language
  • Thinking 
  • Movement
  • Behavior 
  • Emotions

Based on the information obtained during the developmental screening, your pediatrician at Pediatrics of Long Island determines if your child is meeting expected developmental milestones.

If your child is falling behind, your pediatrician makes referrals so your child can get the extra help they need, which may include early intervention services, special education, or a consultation with a pediatric developmental specialist. 

Identifying deviations in your child’s development early may help them catch up faster and prevent additional delays. 

Pediatrics of Long Island is a full-service pediatric practice that takes a proactive approach to care and performs developmental screenings at every well-child exam. If you have concerns about your child’s growth and development, call Pediatrics of Long Island or request an appointment online today.